Who We Are
About Us
Optimum Innovatus Corp is a software technology company that owns and operates SpeedyCourse.com, Bilmoko.com and ZERIX applications and solutions.
We create web-based applications to make it easy for you to access information, products and services. We also develop breakthrough applications to improve business communications.
Our Commitment
We are committed long term to the mission of providing creative solutions for you.
We continually advance our company to be in the best position to
accelerate new innovations, as they emerge, to better serve you.
The core of a company's "innovation process" is actually less about mind, and more about heart.
— Albert Einstein
Our Optimum Innovatus Team
Our professionals are unequalled in reputation and integrity.
We are proud of our highly skilled and motivated team who is keen in meeting and
exceeding your requirements and in providing continuing customer and product support.