Press Releases Makes It Easy to Find Training Courses Online

The internet has made information easily accessible with just a few clicks. But the vast amount of data available online also means that people often have to sort through thousands of search engine results that may not even be related to what they’re looking for., an online course finder, was designed to address this issue for people who are looking for information on training courses online.

By bringing together training course providers who specialize in different fields, continues to build its vast database of short courses, training, seminars, workshops, and learning events. With its simple, easy-to-use search engine, users simply need to type in a keyword to get results on what training courses are available for the type of skill that they want to learn or develop.

Now accessible in 16 countries—including USA, UK, Philippines, Singapore, Australia, and South Africa— has also added more filtering options for search results. Users can now filter courses by location (city or zip code), delivery method (classroom/person-led or online) or category. Soon, they will also be able to filter by date and price to know which training courses fit their schedule and budget.

Additionally, makes it easy for users to send inquiries directly to training providers with an online messaging feature that’s accessible right on the course page that they’re viewing.

Zerix Text® Brings Sony Life Insurance Corporation Closer to Clients

Sony Life Insurance Corporation Philippines, a highly stable life insurance company and a prominent member of the Sony Group of Companies, upholds its reputation of service excellence and strengthens its commitment to serve each of its policyholders with utmost attention by bringing their client base closer to them through Zerix Text®, a powerful business communication tool developed by Optimum Innovatus, Corp.

In order to provide their clients with quality programs and services, Sony Life employs Zerix Text® software to transmit updates, send reminders and distribute information to its clients and employees when and where they need it through text messages (SMS).

Zerix Text® has a vast number of beneficial features such as two-way messaging, info-on-demand keywords, report generation and other useful functions that make communication cost-effective and time-efficient.

Alcon Laboratories Boosts Internal Communication with Zerix Text®

Alcon Laboratories Philippines Inc., one of the most respected and trusted eye care companies in the world, has partnered with Optimum Innovatus, Corp., an SMS and solutions provider, to reinforce its commitment to quality and continuous improvement with the use of Zerix Text®.

As a global leader in eye pharmaceuticals focused on helping people worldwide, Alcon Laboratories fosters an internal working environment that is geared towards progress and innovation, with the emphasis on the importance of effective communication at its core. The integration of Zerix Text®, a powerful business communication tool that uses Short Messaging System (SMS) or text messaging, facilitates faster transmission of information within the organization. Announcements, reminders, meetings and schedules can now be sent efficiently to all employees at a reasonably low cost.

Zerix Text® has innovated the methods of communication by developing different features that enable SMS services to be sent to specific staff or groups with the use of a computer to transmit messages to mobile phones. One of the powerful functions of the text messaging software is the use of keywords which allows the user to send fast and reliable data to an unlimited number of recipients.

Asian Life Takes It a Notch Higher with Zerix Text

As a leader in its field of specialized risk solutions, Asian Life has partnered with an equally prime institution, Optimum Innovatus, Corp. (OIC), to take things to the next level using Zerix Text.

Zerix Text is a messaging system that uses Short Messaging Service (SMS) or text messaging as a business communication tool. Zerix Text presents Asian Life with a wireless messaging platform that aids the supervision of its dynamic management team through an efficient dissemination of important announcements and other information to its employees.

With Zerix Text, Asian Life also provides a more personalized client service by sending updates, notifications and other data straight to the client’s mobile phone.

LG Electronics Increases Efficiency with Zerix Text

LG Electronics, a global leader and technology innovator in consumer electronics, mobile communications and home appliances, has closed a deal with Optimum Innovatus, Corp., an SMS and wireless solution provider, to enhance their sales report strategy with Zerix Text.

Zerix Text enhances LG Electronics’ daily sales report process with a faster and easier generation of reports. It also provides LG an updated and well-organized database of sales information.

In addition, Zerix Text enables dealers and promoters of different LG branches all over the Philippines to transmit their sales data without hassle. They simply have to send a text message (SMS) to the Zerix Text system which will automatically store the information in the database. With this, LG Electronics can now monitor its sales more efficiently.

Canon's Personalized Messaging Powered by Zerix®

Canon Marketing (Philippines), an imaging company with an extensive product line of input and output devices, and Optimum Innovatus, Corp., an SMS and wireless solution provider, have partnered to come up with the advanced SMS service, the Zerix® Text. It will be used by Canon Marketing to take their business into another leap. The Optimum Innovatus' solution provides the company with personalized messages management functionality, enabling them to set up automatic replies, block messages from unwanted recipients, and automatically copy or divert messages to their clients' numbers or email addresses – all from PC to mobile.

The Philippine market is extremely competitive and it demands the most advanced and feature-rich messaging services available. To reinforce people empowerment and customer delight to maximize business opportunities and continuing growth, Canon Marketing looks for industry partners that could help them achieve that goal. Zerix Text enables them the freedom to choose how they want to manage their messaging experience.

Canon Marketing is demonstrating that there is room for innovation and growth in SMS and they anticipate an enthusiastic response from clients for the Zerix Text service.

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Zerix® Text: A Major Benefit to Direct Link Insurance

Zerix Text Messaging System is an “e-mail-like” web service, that allows to broadcast and receive messages from a personal computer to a phone, or any devices that uses SMS.

The implementation of Zerix Text at Direct Link Insurance was straightforward. The company immediately applied the product to achieve the primary aim of keeping in contact with their clients with any crucial business information they received. In addition to meeting this goal, they found other ways to use Zerix Text. They have deployed the messaging system so that their customer services team can drop simple communications to their clients via SMS.

The main benefit to Direct Link Insurance is that, with the amount of communication the business performs, SMS is extremely cost effective. They have also found that Zerix Text is extremely user-friendly, easy to install and is loaded with features that support business communication needs. The user simply logs on to their account, types a message, selects a user or pre-selected group and hits send. When a recipient replies via SMS, the message appears in the user's inbox in the same way an e-mail would.

Another factor that was important to Direct Link Insurance is that their communication channels are always open. In addition to this, sending messages must be ensured that they are successfully reaching the recipients, which is of high importance to the business. As Zerix Text allows messages to be sent and receives instantly, the company can ensure that they are able to remain in constant with their clients. Direct Link Insurance found using Zerix Text as their solution provider a major benefit.

Direct Link Insurance is a reliable car insurance service provider established in1998. It continues to provide its ever increasing loyal and satisfied policyholders with innovative and responsive insurance products and services. For further information,

Honda Cars QC Employs Zerix® Text

Honda Cars Quezon City have signed a deal with SMS provider. Optimum Innovatus, Corp., to implement Zerix Text.

The company required a solution which would allow 2-way communication between staff and clients. After researching various products, HCQC, chose Zerix Text form SMS Provider, Optimum Innovatus, Corp.

Zerix Text represented an easy to use, web-based application that delivered HCQC an “e-mail-like” service for SMS. HCQC is delighted with the product, and uses it in a variety of ways. They have used Zerix Text for appointment reminders, which has led to an increase in the number of clients. They simply log on their account, select their pre-configured group of clients, write their message and press the send button.

The Company understands how using Zerix Text can help them communicate more effectively on clients. There is pressure on businesses to continuously integrate modern technology into their infrastracture. Using Zerix Text is an example of how this can be done with benefits both to the business, and the clients.

Zerix Text has been such a success for HCQC that they plan to put the service into further use. The company shall be marketing the SMS number to the clients to encourage them to register and inform them of things such as vehicle models, news and promos, services and other important things.

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Zerix® Text Improves Efficiency for John Clements Consultants, Inc.

With the rapid multiplication of the recruitment and consultant sectors, John Clements Consultants, Inc. endures continuous competitor rivalry. Maintaining its core competencies on recruitment and training, the company ensures that they are able to communicate efficiently between candidates and a prospective employer. Competition amongst recruitment and consultant sectors is very intense. The company wanted a solution that would firstly differentiate them from their competitors and secondly, provide them with a solution that would take their communication to another level. The solution they found was Zerix® Text through the company Optimum Innovatus, Corp.

When a job vacancy needs to be filled quickly and cost effectively, Zerix Text is an efficient way of providing a solution. Within minutes of a position becoming available, an SMS can be sent out to all the relevant candidates inviting them to apply.

John Clements Consultants, Inc. is a prime example of a company that has found substantial advantages in implementing the SMS tool, Zerix Text. The tool was deployed to improve some of the company's critical activities, such as alerting of new vacancies to customers. It is also used for day-to-day client contact where any inquiries and concerns can be instantly answered. They can now send out new job vacancies instantly and immediately receive replies. The clients can fill their vacancy much quicker, and the candidates are satisfied that they are hearing about the latest positions as soon as they are listed.

The improvement in the efficiency of the organization has been remarkable, because Zerix Text has revolutionized the company's communications between temporary personnel and available positions. John Clements Consultants, Inc. is planning to use Zerix® Text towards setting up their system that will allow them to confirm and remind candidates about interviews and trainings.

PSE Selects Zerix® for PC to Mobile Communication Solution

Philippine Stock Exchange Inc., one of the largest and most innovative organization in the country, has added mobile messaging solution provider Zerix to support its business communication coverage. Under the deal, Zerix® will be the provider of SMS capabilities for PSE's sector-facing web-to-SMS service.

Zerix Text is an advanced all-in-one PC to mobile communication solution. The internet and the mobile phone are increasingly becoming the preferred communication channels for business. There are many recognized advantages of using the internet and mobile phone for communication including convenience, speed, global access, cost effectiveness and its adaptability for use in various sections of the business. PC to mobile communication using SMS is being utilized daily for communication with staff and clients, in marketing and advertising, competitions, surveys, voting, customer service and banking just to name a few. Zerix Text has utilized these technologies to create cutting edge solutions to help PSE communicate, socialize, advertise and provide better customer service.

The organization needed a method for their sales support team to communicate up to date information to their sales consultants, and Zerix Text allowed them to do this by giving them the real benefit of distributing information regarding financial services.

Sky Cable Steps Forward on Zerix® Text

In today's competitive business climate, partnerships are necessary in building a strong business. Alliances allow companies to maximize their resources or benefit from each other's expertise, thus building both businesses.

This is the rationale behind Sky Cable, the direct-to-home cable TV and subscription service, established by the Lopez Group of Companies and Central CATV Group of Companies. It offers a range of analog and digital Cable Television services, and also offers high-speed internet services as well. With a constantly growing number of clients, Sky Cable also relied on strong partnerships with other businesses to ensure that they continue to provide quality service to their customers. Zerix, which provides wireless related software, hardware and services to Sky Cable, is one such partner.

The company believes that using Zerix Text, a text messaging software application, will help them become a fact-based, forward looking, decision-making organization equipped with an on-demand business tools and real-time information. Zerix has been helping businesses get the most from the internet offering flexibility and expansion option dependent upon the growth of the business.

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A-Z Direct Marketing now powered by Zerix®

A-Z Direct Marketing (A-Z Direct) powers up its premier marketing services after recently closing a deal with chief data and business management service company, Optimum Innovatus, Corp. (OIC).

A significant body in the direct marketing industry, A-Z Direct is now geared with a business communication tool called Zerix or Messaging System. OIC offers Zerix, the perfect response to A-Z Direct's need for a more strengthened marketing agency focused to promote and distribute high-quality, informative, entertaining and value-driven products while providing local order processing services and world-class customer service to its clients.

As one of the leading marketing institutions in the country today, A-Z Direct continues to strive for excellence in service. Its recent acquisition of the Zerix software is an assurance to A-Z Direct's clients of a more efficient marketing operation.

The Zerix solution is a wireless messaging platform utilized by A-Z Direct for a faster and broader reach to clients and potential customers who belong to the millions of mobile telephone subscribers in the Philippines today.

Zerix also provides A-Z Direct a powerful corporate database that can store mobile phone numbers of existing and potential customers for future marketing broadcasts. And with just one click, a simultaneous broadcast or group sending is completed in a PC, plus an enterprising message queuing option.

Correspondingly, Zerix is linked to A-Z Direct's current enterprise applications (such as HRIS and Inventory among others) wherein by the use of keywords, automated replies and notifications are made possible.

Zerix also has Pollster, a module used to conduct surveys that is essential in administering various comprehensive marketing strategies such as electronic raffles and polls.

Expect a guaranteed competent service from A-Z Direct now powered by the newest business communication device, the Zerix by OIC. For more information on the proficient marketing services of A-Z Direct Marketing, visit and for queries on OIC's Zerix and their other software, log-on to

Shopping on credit through text!

Shopping on credit through text!

Texting capital of the world -- thats how the Philippines is branded among other things. And the reality of it is that texting has fast become part and parcel of our culture. While the issue of text lingo and spelling (or misspelling at that) remains to be a big buzz among the old school, the fact remains that the convenience it has brought to our lives is undeniable. Introducing and marketing new technology only has one major concernhow people will embrace the new product or service.

A little bit over 50 years ago, the idea of using a small, flat, rectangular piece of plastic to purchase things with was introduced. Since then, the use of credit cards has become second nature to spending consumers. Now, if you think that the power of plastic money in purchasing things and services is amazing, dont you think that charging our purchases thru text is simply far out? Well, think again. With the innovation of two companies, texting is taken to its new heights via the introduction of a new and exciting concept. GIST Marketing Trends (GMT) conceptualized the business solution or method, while Optimum Innovatus, Corp. (OIC) is a solutions provider company that has the hardware and the state-of-the-art "plug and play" XMS software to implement the concept.

The GMT Charge Concept is a value-added service facility for all credit card holders and cell phone subscribers. The idea is a service facility of linking ones cell phone or SIM number with his or her credit account number. Security safeguards are present using transaction PINs, acknowledgement slips, MOAs and personal credit history and tracking.

One can now shop or dine on credit at establishments using their cellular phones. This means extra security for them because they need not carry their credit cards everywhere they go, but it offers the accessibility to transact credit payments and purchases wherever you are. The scheme is compatible with any network provider and applies to both prepaid and post-paid subscribers. Supplementary cardholders can also enjoy the same benefit of wireless charging without the plastic.

This vision of future credit purchase mode is something to watch for. It promises more convenience and improved security advantages. It promises a whole new lifestyle. Who would have thought that shopping on credit will be so much easy as it is just a text away!